“I’ve recently fallen in love with Dutch Renaissance Floral paintings. I adore how the abundance of jewel toned flowers, fruits and blossom dance and fall in and around the vessel, making their way to the edges of the canvas….

I have drawn inspiration from Dutch still life art into my arrangements. Ruby red Peonies, Amethyst Ranunculus and lustrous Emerald Plum foliage laced with tiny unripe fruits, make this beautiful statement bouquet. Slate grey silk ribbon tie the blooms together, muting and grounding the rich palette. Film photography captures each flower so perfectly in their natural state, which appeases the artist in me. It’s as if each petal was created by the softest stroke of a painter’s brush.”
Photography by Steph at Bubblerock | Blooms  by She’s Blossomed | Silk Ribbon & Linens, Feathers & Stone