Both Lucy and I are fully on a 90s glam vibe right now – glossy curves, shocking shades, bright whites, flavours and flowers that dare to be different – and we wanted to reflect this in the table we created. The cake on the yellow stand is plum, lime and coconut with vanilla bean cream cheese icing, decorated with lime curd and pistachios and the other is blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and almond with vanilla bean cream cheese icing, decorated with freeze-dried blackberries, berry coulis and figs. Our table captures the essence of the playful modern wedding with a pop culture twist – sweet but not saccharine, fresh and fun, with fashion flair and unexpected shapes and hues. Why add a flower or two for decoration when you can pile them high? Be so generous with your sauces they spill over. Crush enough pistachio pieces or freeze-dried berries that they add a whole extra layer of decadent texture. Don’t slice your fruit, splice it into lavish halves and show off its juicy insides. For flowers, think ‘how can I surprise’? Mix sizes and stem lengths, and the classic and traditional with the striking and serendipitous. Set several types of roses in a palette of pinks, pales, purples and dusky hues, then punctuate with cheeky anthurium, intricate orchids, dreamy scent-filled lilies and frilly poppies on their quirky, curly stems.






Photography, Greta Kenyon | Florist, Lu Diamond Flowers | Words and Cakes, The Caker