There isn’t much I don’t love about Caitlin. Except maybe her contact lens cases which are constantly sitting open on the bathroom sink. I love that she makes me do things I would never think of, like hiking the Inca Trail, where I proposed.

I was too nervous to carry the formal ring with me on a hike through Peru so I had a brass ring from a shop in Brooklyn where we live embossed with ‘F.P.O’ which, for art directors, means “For Position Only”. We both work in advertising, so even though it was a nerdy gesture, I knew she would understand that I had another ring waiting for her at home that wouldn’t stain her fingers green. We struggled to decide on a wedding venue because Caitlin wanted a summer wedding and I wanted a fall anniversary. We eventually settled on Palm Springs because we both love mid-century architecture and the Ace Hotel has that in spades. Caitlin would get the warm climate she wanted and I could still have a fall anniversary! Two weeks before our wedding, I decided to kiss Caitlin goodbye and ride cross-country with my best friends from Brooklyn to Palm Springs. I knew marrying Caitlin would be easy so I wanted to really earn my wedding day — I wanted it to be hard to get there. Leaving Caitlin to make all the final design decisions meant that I had no idea what to expect. She could have gone rogue and made everything hot pink and orange, but instead chose minimal and mindful. She opted for palm fronds in lieu of traditional flower arrangements, and earth tones with pops of colour instead of stark white and precious. There was nothing that didn’t have its place and it was just beautiful. The most memorable moment of the day for me was walking into a room full of our friends, holding my wife’s hand, and seeing how much thought and care had gone into every decision Caitlin had made while I was gone. Caitlin’s favourite moment was the shift between our solo moment of quiet together on the patio right after the ceremony before rushing into the most amazing party with all of our favourite people and confetti flying everywhere. We currently live in Brooklyn & upstate New York with our rescue pitbull and Persian cat. We are both tattooed and love riding motorcycles but, as similar as we are, it is our differences that keep life interesting.

Photography – Mandee Johnson | Bride’s Jumpsuit – Corine Zach | Groom’s Suit – Alton Lane | Hair & Makeup – Girl meets Bongga | Coordinator – Sarah Dollar LB Events | Event Design & Florals – Jesi Haack Design | Venue & Catering – Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs  | Bride’s Shoes – Valentino | Groom’s Shoes – Cole Haan | Entrance Song – ‘The Passenger’ by Siouxsie and the Banshees (Iggy Pop Cover) | Entertainment – Flashdance