We met early 2010 in London on a night out with friends. Cam remembers meeting a handsome Scotsman whom he could barely understand but who charmed him none the less. We started dating but with Cam wanting to call time on London and move back home to Auckland we weren’t sure it would last, but we gave it a crack.

We could see a future together and knew somehow we would be able to work it out. Five years later we found ourselves on a plane to NZ to start our new lives here together. Cam: Our London farewell party was where Stuart completely surprised me with a wedding proposal. The speeches came around, Stu went first, thanking all our friends and then I raised a toast, as I finished speaking Stu took the microphone again, he looked nervous and he paused, then said “Up until tonight, packing up our lives and moving to NZ was the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do, but right now I’m about to do something even more scary”, he then turned to me and bent down on one knee – cue hysterical screaming from 60 of our friends – and then he asked me to marry him! Having decided to get married in NZ, we both agreed on Waiheke immediately as we knew it would be a beautiful place for our international friends and family to see. I had been sent an article on Oakura Bay and it looked perfect. A beautiful old homestead right on it’s own private beach with a big lawn for the ceremony and reception. On the day the venue was stunning – the sun was shining, the water sparkled, people were blown away and it was great to have our wedding somewhere so unique for our guests. Everything went to plan on the day, the ceremony was perfect for us, with a bagpiper piping the Flower of Scotland, and beautiful words spoken. One of the biggest highlights of the day came during our reception when our MC announced that there was a health and safety issue and that everyone had to clear the dance floor. Suddenly two of our friends emerged in full traditional Indian attire and started dancing in routine to the Bollywood song ‘Jai Ho’. Then guest after guest came and joined the dancefloor until we had forty of our friends all performing this amazing choreographed dance – a total flash mob! Our MC and another friend had secretly coordinated everyone across the globe to learn the dance moves, which they all diligently did in the weeks leading up to the wedding, then everyone came together on the night, it was the most incredibly funny and fantastic surprise. Growing up neither of us thought we would get married – there was no such thing as men marrying men, so it’s honestly not something we had spent a lot of time thinking about. When gay marriage was legalised in NZ in 2013 and then a year later in the UK, this was really when the possibility started to become something real.

Photography – Chasewild | Cam’s Suit – Made to Measure by Crane Brothers | Stuart’s Attire – Full Highland Dress Kilt in Duncan Tartan by Macdonald Kiltmakers, Scotland | Rings – Tiffany Platinum Bands | Gift Registry – Mildred & Co | Catering – Gill Stotter Catering | Celebrant – Penny Ashton | Stuart’s Shoes – Traditional Ghillie Brogues | Cam’s Shoes – Greggo Derbys by Christian Louboutin | Styling & Wedding Planner – Sophia Hoadley, My Waiheke | Flora – Wildflower Waiheke | Bagpipes – Michel Tent of Kintail House | DJ – Mix It DJ’s | Groomsmen Attire – Cambridge Clothing Jackets, Fifth Ave Menswear Chinos

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