We were sitting in Bar Marsella, Barcelona’s oldest bar, famous for its absinthe and its colourful clientele, which has included Hemingway, Dalí and Picasso. The two of us and Laura’s brother Robin were drinking absinthe, naturally, and (with a little prompting from Robin) James proposed on the spot. A very spur of the moment event in a very special place. The ring came later.

We are total opposites, but are also one and the same. We have super similar likes in a lot of areas so can have heaps of fun, but also push each other to get involved with new things. It’s nice knowing there’s always someone there to help you and support you (especially in our new baby endeavour beginning in July this year!) When we heard that Vitrine, an antique store in Kingsland, had an event space available for a limited time, we knew it would be the perfect spot for our wedding. We wanted the day to express our personalities and style. The flowers were out of this world — the only décor we needed, really. We wanted it to be a little bit boho, a little industrial and pretty at the same time. Laura — The day was filled with special moments. James’ band playing the entrance song was perfection. They nailed it and I almost lost it hearing them play. My brother announced that I was pregnant during his speech, with a poem: “Roses are red, violets are blue/You’ve knocked her up, now she’s stuck with you”. The speeches were so well executed, and just having so many family members and people we knew involved made the whole day that much more memorable. James — Laura went to school with the girls from Mondays who did the incredible food and tables. Support the people you know, they will do an amazing job for you! Every single task that you can delegate to someone else, delegate. You need to be responsible for nothing but actually getting married on the day. Hire a planner or stylist: even though you want your wedding day to represent you, they will help you achieve that, and they’ll think of things you never would. Eat a lot — you will get exhausted. Don’t drink too much — your memories of the day will be that much clearer. Support each other. Organising a wedding is teamwork, just like a marriage. We’ve always been a good team – now we have the rings to prove it!

Photography, Chasewild | Groom’s suit & tie bar, Crane Brothers  | Bride’s dress, Rue de Seine | Flora, Leaf & Honey | Celebrant, James’ cousin Matt Warman | Venue, The Vitrine | Hair—Nicole & Nadia at Olette    | Bride’s necklace & engagement ring, Jems  | Wedding bands, Zoe & Morgan | Bride’s earrings, Sanders | Bride’s shoes, Carlson | Makeup, Laura Williamson | Catering, Mondays Wholefoods | Cake, The Caker | Groom’s Swaziland lapel pin, pocket square & tie, Etsy | Flower girls’ dresses, Parnell Baby Boutique & Moochi | Dog collars, Dogs of Desire | Bridesman suit, Eurostyle | Processional song, ’Slow Show’by The National (played by James’   band members) | Bridesmaid’s dress, Alannah Hill| Styling—Amanda Norwood  | Entertainment—The Gramophone Band thegramophoneband.com