These two creatives moved to London from Australia a couple of years ago to chase their dreams. Jake works as music video director and Maddie is an online stylist. Jake & Maddie—We met several years ago in Brisbane, Australia through some mutual friends. We always had a deep fascination for one another. Sparks would fly whenever we crossed paths, but it wasn’t until a few years down the track that we officially started dating.

Ever since, we’ve been inseparable. We love that we are best friends. I know it sounds lame, but we just love to hang out. We stumbled across the Barbican Conservatory one day while location scouting for one of Jake’s videos and instantly fell in love with the architecture. We decided it would be a beautiful place to get married. Our wedding day began with us getting ready, together with close friends, at our loft apartment. We practically did everything ourselves, from arranging the fresh flowers from Columbia Road Markets to making a gourmet breakfast for everyone. We then headed to Barbican Conservatory for the ceremony. Surrounded by tropical plants, we had the entire space to ourselves for the afternoon. Typical of London, it decided to bucket down all day, but we just embraced it. We didn’t really have a theme for our wedding. We just knew we wanted to be surrounded by plants, and the conservatory was like being in a little slice of tropical paradise. Being a stylist, I felt like I had to try on as many dresses as possible. I thought it was never going to end. A tomboy at heart, all I wanted to wear was ripped jeans and a jumper, but my stylist colleagues refused to let me wear denim to my own wedding. A friend suggested Iro Paris, and to my relief, I found a simple, modern white suit that was perfect. A quick stop afterwards to Zara to pick up a cheap lacy cami and I was done! Make your wedding day as memorable and special to you as possible. It’s so easy to get caught up in what is supposed to be a ‘typical’ wedding, but honestly, the best weddings are the ones that are unique and suit the couple.

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