We come from completely opposite backgrounds. Maria grew up in the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires in Argentina and Mia in the German countryside. We are both designers. We met during the second year of our degree at art college in London and have been together ever since — nine years this summer!

Even though our personalities are very different, we were always incredibly attracted to each other. We are very close and sometimes call each other several times a day! We love that we can spend endless days together without needing the company of anyone else. We were married at The Olde Bell Inn, because Ilse Crawford, an English designer whose work we both love, had redesigned the interiors. We wanted to keep the styling simple as the space was already so beautiful. We wanted the flowers to be the protagonists, and indeed they were, completely transforming the spaces and injecting them with the most beautiful smells of the summer. Our florist Jo is an incredible artist – she only uses English flowers, which she mostly grows in her own garden. To complement the flowers, we used a lot of candles, and sourced marble offcuts to use as bases. We cut big slabs of organic soap to use as name tag holders, which people could take away after the dinner. We were incredibly lucky to work with Susie and her amazing team from Knot & Pop, who shared our vision fully and proved to be an invaluable source of support. For us, the most unique thing was having all our families and friends together. Because I’m Argentinian and Mia is German, our families had only met once before. Also, so many of our friends had moved away from London, and it was so lovely to have everybody come back to celebrate with us. Being married is a first step towards starting a family. It is a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have found each other. It is knowing that no matter how awful a day we’ve had, we can come home to our best friend. It is being so proud of being a part of a much greater collective step in the right direction. It is knowing that there will be as many challenges as amazing moments along the way, but being so happy that we’ll get to go through them together.

Photography, The Kitcheners | Mia’s outfit, Skirt by Alice Archer | Maria’s dress, Halston | Flowers, Jo Flowers | Wedding Styling, Consulting and Co-Ordination | Knot & Pop