I first spotted Chris when I was 12 years old, on the bus to my second day of high school. He was sitting at the back of the bus throwing his friend’s hat around in an attempt to impress a group of girls. I said to my friend “What a loser!” and we laughed.

A few years later, we were properly introduced and eight years later, we are married! It can be hard for couples who meet at such a young age and grow in different directions, but growing up together is what makes our relationship so special. It has made us stronger. We’ve worked hard to buy our first home, both living at our parent’s places, working two jobs and only seeing each other every second Sunday for two years. Those challenges make us appreciate every second we have together now. I’d seen the Mindaribba House in a magazine while helping a friend find a venue for her wedding and thought “Wow, I’d love to be married there.” It’s a beautiful house in Hunter Valley, built in 1885 on roughly 100 acres. It is well looked after by the owners and was the perfect location because it made our wedding feel intimate and cosy, with just our closest friends and family. Chris and I stayed at the house the night before with our immediate family. It was amazing to have them with us to calm our nerves before such an important day. Something we really focused on was only using small businesses so that you’re not just a number. Everyone we worked with went above and beyond to make our dreams possible. From the chandelier we hired, to the handmade soy candles we gave to our guests, to our florist, who created our “wow moment” with the most incredible floral installation on the ceiling above the altar, everything was perfect. When I walked out in my wedding dress and saw my dad for the first time, he was holding back tears and said “You look stunning…he can’t give you back after this thing, right?”. You get to a point when you don’t think you could love a person any more than you already do, but there is this little reserve tank that you tap into when you get married. Dan and I have been taught that you should start a marriage the way you want to finish it: tell each other you love them, and focus on little things like bringing them a cup of tea in bed, washing their car or leaving leftovers for their lunch the next day. They’re small gestures but they all add up to demonstrate your love.

Photography – Jimmy Raper Photography | Bride’s Dress,Veil & Headpiece – Johanna Johnson | Flora – Two Wild Hands | Groom’s suit & shirt – Ted Baker | Venue – Mindaribba House | Bride’s Shoes – Novo | Groom’s Shoes – Kenneth Cole | Ceremony Entertainment – Howard Shearman | Reception Entertainment – Hornet | Makeup – AF Makeup | Hair – CMC Hair | Catering – Restaurant Mason