Today we have the pleasure to present to you a beautiful new European brand, WARSAW POET
which includes the designers first and very original collection of wedding
dresses “Herbarium 2018”, photographed by a remarkable photographer –
Sonia Szóstak.

Warsaw Poet is really not just a brand. It is a defined philosophy,
esthetic, manner of feeling which originates deep within my beliefs and
fascinations. It stands for describing the world with the use of
details, subtlety, with fascinating contrasts. It stands for “slightly
different wedding dresses”, a story against stereotypes. It is a wedding
dress but also one for every other day. For all free brides, life
lovers, free spirits.
Warsaw Poet dresses are made from natural silk, sophisticated laces, and
delicate meshes. They are characterized by caring for the form, as well
as splurge and calmness at the same time. Sensual minimalism interlaced
with rebellious eclecticism. Apart from regular collections I also
create short, spontaneous lines consisting solely of a few unique

Atelier Warsaw Poet is a low-key “secret place” in Warsaw. It’s a place
for meetings, talks, creating an own image, a world to which we invite
all brides dreaming of a slightly different wedding dress.
Our dresses are tailor-made from start to finish for each individual
bride. They are also available at selected wedding salons in specific
Polish cities and soon also in Europe – the collection aroused serious
attention so we hope that Warsaw Poet dresses will be available for a
wider number of poet brides.