Zoe & Morgans 24th collection is a dedication to the sun and its incredibly beautiful. It will be due for release on September 1st, we have already picked out our favourite pieces. Hear what Zoe & Morgan have to say about the range and see key pieces here.


Our lives are defined by the sun, it brings life to our world and gives us our concept of time. All life takes its spark from the sun, its rays symbolise light and life and all that’s good in this world.

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you”

Zoe, Ruth & Morgan

The light emitted by the sun changes each hour, the new Palace of the Sun collection from Zoe and Morgan captures the beauty of the daylight from its beginning to end.

Palace Of The Sun collection has coin styles set with brilliant natural white zircon from Sri Lanka and warm citrine from Brazil. Together these stones re ect the bright early morning sun as it grows with splendour. The majestic rise of light is revealed in long drop earrings and necklaces with pattern and cut-out detailing. At its highest point, the Sun is at its most brilliant displaying a whole spectrum of colours, which we have recreated in powerful large disk pieces set with selected ne stones of sapphires, ruby and citrine. With the nal closing light of the day, the sun casts shapes of long splendid rays which inspire both an elongated feature stud with drop disk earring and a two-sided locket necklace.

This collection pays homage to the luminous beauty of the sun, which we have channeled into our jewellery to illuminate the powerful and radiant women who wear it.