A bold and iconic fragrance tailored around Zegna’s signature Bergamot. Presented in a beautiful heavy Italian smokey glass vessel this masculine and elevated fragrance would be a wonderful choice for a wedding or occasion, with keynotes of Zegna Bergamot, Rosemary and Vetiver…

The Italian BERGAMOT has a brilliant effervescent edge and is energized by spice Pepper. A fresh burst of Rosemary evokes crisp lines of sharp suiting refined by Neroli, as warm Vetiver and lush Tonka Bean finish with powerful depth and dimension.

Founded in 1910, luxury Italian fashion house ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA is known as one of the leading luxury men’s apparel and accessory brands in Europe, now into its fourth generation of family ownership.

Available now at Smith & Caughey’s / Photography by Together Journal .

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