Lubin Upper Ten Woman is decadent and striking, it is best worn in the evenings or for special occasions. This one is for the bride or woman who wants to be noticed, suited best to formal cocktail weddings and glamorous affairs. It is bold and daring just like the woman who should wear it.

Before we delve too deep into the scent, it’s important to understand the prestigious background of this fragrance house. Lubin is French, of course, and it is steeped in history. It was founded by Pierre-François Lubin who opened his first boutique, in 1798. Its name, “Au Bouquet de Roses”. The young Lubin’s fragrances were sought after and bought by aristocrats such as Neopleans wife and sister. Lubin quickly became the favourite perfumer of 19th-century European royal courts. Lubin was the official perfumer of the French Royal Court in the 19th-century, and in 1821 was named as the official supplier to George IV, King of England, as well as to Tsar Alexander I of Russia in 1823. By the time the 1920’s rolled around the House of Lubin had changed hands and was the largest and most prestigious fragrance house in France. In the 1830’s Lubin expanded into America where the brand was immediately popular within high-society and the house experienced some of its greatest success. Now lead by Gilles Thévenin, who is dedicated to the unmatched olfactory style and original formulas of the past, under his direction the Fragrance house continues to prosper. And luckily for us here in New Zealand, it has pride of place at World Beauty who dedicate themselves to sourcing and supplying the very best fragrance brands on the planet.

Upper Ten Woman is beautifully complex and has top notes of Bergamot, Isabella grape and elemi and artemisia. The middle notes consist of Bulgarian rose, raspberry liqueur, Sichuan pepper and at the base to anchor you will find Precious woods, amber, frankincense and dark chocolate. This is a fragrance that will linger in the wake of the wearer. And like all things Lubin, the packaging is exquisite. This is a luxurious top-shelf fragrance which makes the perfect memorable gift.

Glorious notes from Lubin about the inspiration behind this scent…

Marion skims through the Gotham City night in her sleek Duesenberg, kicking up her heels and sipping bootleg cocktails at the Ziegfeld Follies and whisky at the Savoy. She dances the Lindy Hop then strikes languorous poses, smoking Turkish cigarettes while Sweetheart pouts sulkily – but life’s too short, and there are so many parties to go to! ‘Upper Ten for Her’ is the fragrance that lingers in the wake of these stylish flappers during their extravagant evenings on the town.

Expect to be stopped by both men and woman when wearing dramatic and unforgettable scent. You can find Upper Ten Woman at World Beauty, we highly recommend a visit to try this scent as well as the other iconic Lubin fragrances.