Linden Leaves Amethyst Crystal Crush Diffuser—Meditative, healing and balancing, Amethyst is the crystal to still your mind and clarify your life. What better way to incorporate this natural power into your life then surround yourself in its goodness? Linden Leaves New Amethyst Crystal Crush diffuser is a beautiful way to add some serenity to your home or office with its powerful protection and stunning scent. Green fruit top notes are layered over gardenia and white florals. It also features a warm base of amber, musk and vanilla. These intoxicating notes give Amethyst an authentic scent that only enhances its abilities. This diffuser is a natural healer that will help to clear energies and balance your chakras, leading you to a deeper sense of creativity and spirituality. This diffuser is the perfect gift for someone who needs a little healing in their life.

Linden Leaves Rose Quartz Crystal Crush Hand Cream —Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart and a crystal of unconditional love, and Linden Leaves New Rose Quartz Crystal Crush Hand Cream is no different. Powerfully feminine, the hand cream is smooth, nourishing and laced with intoxicating floral notes. Rose, carnation and jasmine team with soft base notes of amber and iris to create a romantic fragrance, but the main star of this hand cream is the crystal’s natural abilities. Said to be the stone of unconditional love, compassion, tenderness and healing, Rose Quartz is an energetic stone that is perfect for personal, family, romantic and sensual love. It heals the love chakra, lowers stress and soothes the beholder, and can be used as an aphrodisiac, if you are looking to take your love to a whole new level. Lather Rose Quartz Crystal Crush hand cream on and transport yourself, and your aroha, to a place of higher being.

Naomi Goodsir – Iris Cendre—The goddess Iris was said to act as a link between heaven and earth in Greek Mythology, while the flower by the same name represents royalty and wisdom. It’s no wonder that Naomi Goodsir chose the powerful iris as the base for their fragrance Iris Cendre, with its powdery and fresh fragrance. On first look, the bottle leaves much to the imagination with its simple label, humble shape and practical top – but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. A fresh floral tone begins in each spritz, led by bergamot, tangerine and spices which slowly diffuse to make way for the delicious scent of iris and violet, followed gently by smoky notes of cistus, tobacco, and amber. With one spray, Iris Cendre has us believing that heaven is in fact, a place on earth. Available at WORLD

Creed Himalaya—Creed’s latest fragrance Himalaya embodies rugged masculinity. The scent pays homage to the fragrance house’s Master Perfumer Olivier Creed, who bravely climbed the snow-capped and treacherous Himalayan Mountains. The scent features top notes of seductive bergamot and vigorous citrus while complex middle notes of nutmeg, sandalwood, and cedarwood make it the perfect fragrance for a man of depth and sophistication. Pinkberries, ambergris, vetiver, pepper and musk balance out the perfume, fusing the power of man and nature. The stunning metallic bottle reminds us of artic ice – it is reminiscent of a Climber’s canteen with its icy and silver outer. Send yourself on your own journey into the Tibetan Mountains with Creed’s Himalaya; all you’ll need to pack is your confidence. Available at WORLD

Illustrations—Chloe Sawyer, Words—Isabella van heusden