Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love, what is unique about you and your relationship…

I grew up in Papua New Guinea and when I met Julius he mentioned he volunteered there. It struck a cord with me to meet someone away from the place I grew up. We clicked so easily because we had so much in common. Julius made the first move and although compared to others we hadn’t dated for ages we quickly realised this was the real deal. It was a difficult subject to broach with my parents being traditional Sinhalese. My parents preferred if I married within the same culture and they had previously arranged a string of suitors for me. But I couldn’t envision a future with any of them. I felt I couldn’t just be myself. When Julius and I decided we wanted to get married, my parents gave me the chance to introduce him to them, and they instantly had a change of heart and absolutely adored Julius. He was just his kind self and it became obvious he truly was the perfect person for me! He cherishes me and that’s all my parents wanted in the end.

We’re honestly one in the same. We laugh at life and don’t take it too seriously. We both want to make every day an adventure even if that’s playing with stray cats in random neighbourhoods. We’re just wonderfully weird and we support each other in being our true selves.

Tell us about your main outfits:

I was wearing beautiful saree made by Purnima Abeyratne – she’s a talented and well known Sri Lankan saree maker and I flew over to get it designed and made from her. Tell us about your special day, was there a specific theme or style? Tell us a little about the setting, the styling and some of your favourite details…


This was our Homecoming. While the wedding is orchestrated by the brides family the homecoming which follows the honeymoon, is hosted by the grooms family. It’s a traditional Sri Lankan ceremony that welcomes the new bride into the grooms family as she leaves her own. It starts with the newlyweds entering with the wife’s family and being presented to the husband’s. We light a traditional Sri Lankan oil lamp which is done before any ceremony to welcome good fortune, because light will always rid the darkness. Then we cut the cake and enter together as one united family.

We wanted it to be the complete opposite of the soft pastel wedding we had a few weeks beforehand. The wedding was lush and pretty but with the homecoming we could do whatever we wanted because the pressure was off! Our theme was dark and moody like a magical woodland forest. We wanted to let our imagination run wild and we thought why not have a black cake with dark decor. We wanted to bring a certain uniqueness to the day and really make it whatever we could concoct!


Photographer: Wild & Grace | Ceremony & Reception location: The Hunting Lodge | Styling & Flora: Leaf & Honey | Food: Mint Kitchen | Cake: Strawberry Sky | Bride’s Outfit: Saree by Purnima Abeyratne | Groom’s attire: Ted Baker; Country Road; Saba | Shoes: Mi Piaci | Makeup: Bride herself | Hair: James Bong at Dry & Tea