There is a sense of adventure in exploring the unknown which has always gone hand in hand with the sea. Discovering rockpools. Sailing unchartered territories. Swimming the depth of its waters. Greece, a yacht, a week on the water.

It was a reasonably spontaneous holiday choice but by the time we had left the hustle of Athens behind and that vast blue sea stretched out in front of us, we knew we’d embarked on a perfect adventure. We were headed for the Saronic Islands, which dot the waters near Athens, hugging the coast down to the Peloponnese, the stunning southern mainland of Greece. Each of the Saronics has a unique feel and culture. Poros is a great base for exploring ancient ruins and architecture, while further on, the interior of Spetses is almost entirely unpopulated, perfect for hiking in complete tranquility and peace. Mooring up in a new bay on a different island each night, diving off the bow before breakfast, scuba diving over ancient sunken ruins and strolling the little-cobbled streets to find the best souvlaki bar was all the adventure we desired, and the gentle pace of sailing and island life was completely restful and restorative. The Greek Islands have always represented that perfect holiday ‘elixir’ of sun, sea and tranquility, yet adventure, too.

Photography—Aaron Sami Words—Aaron Sami & Caroline Waldegrave