It is of little surprise that Iceland, once an under-the-radar travel destination, has in recent years become the holiday buzz-word on everyone’s lips.

With instagram wooing tourists in with jaw-dropping images of it’s ethereal landscape and the renowned healing benefits of the country’s many geothermal swimming spots, it was our turn to see what this place had to offer. After a week in this magical land of myths and legends, we can attest to it’s other-wordly beauty, and that despite some overcrowded tourist attractions, there are many wonderful places to explore and indeed where you can find yourself completely alone with nature – whether that be climbing to the edge of it’s icy blue glaciers, stopping on a rural road to pat the irresistible and tiny Icelandic horses, or submerging your travel-worn body in some of the smaller hillside thermal pools. The magic of this place is real.

Photography—Aaron Sami  | Words—Aaron Sami & Caroline Waldegrave