Against cloud-filled skies and endless ocean views, a timeless scene of joy, theatre and celebration unfolds. Powder blues, creamy whites and dabs of deep green foliage echo the landscape’s palette and mood….

This is the Gold Coast, where miles of pristine beaches have engendered a relaxed, Bohemian spirit, and an appreciation for the beauty of nature, all of which carries over into special occasion styling. Framed by the golden sands and rolling ocean, a secluded spot offers a place for the bride to take a moment to herself, surrounded by soft fabrics and a handful of comforting objects. She heads along a pathway woven from soft worn rugs towards her groom and their celebration. Sheltering beneath a Sperry tent, a tabletop is adorned with treasures: stunning native corals, a three-tiered white wedding cake, freshly picked wildflowers and orchids, candles, smokey glassware and delicate brass cutlery. There is nothing starchy or formal here — the luxury comes from the pleasing interplay of textures such as wood, soft linens, and the profusion of foliage. Dried wild fronds supported by fresh blooms and greenery create a dramatic fringe across the entryway. Bridal bouquets make use of this mix, too, with flowing gold ribbons and tassels adding another touch of romance, and the fringing idea is also reflected in the bride’s Grace Loves Lace pieces. Amidst this festive scene, there are places of quiet to escape to — a cane-roofed pergola with a table for two, and golden, yellow-striped umbrellas providing shelter over the modular sofas. It’s the perfect mix of colour, texture and pragmatism for hosts who want to keep their event as carefree as a day (or a night) at the beach.

Stylist—GC Hitched & The Events Lounge Photography—Janneke Storm, Wedding dresses & jewellery—Grace Loves Lace, Location—Miami Beach, Gold Coast, Australia, Models—Sam Gascoigne & Joshua Nathan