Let me tell you about this collection.
Eggplant purples, egg shell blues, butter scotch and bumblebee. Rouge blush and dappled tones of slate and cinnamon.
A collection of foraged, golden treasures which aren’t sun kissed but kiss the sun.
The artichokes were purchased on a whim, I filled the bathtub with them. Dried Dahlias were a desperate attempt to trick Mother Nature. The Delphianans, they were everywhere, I have never seen purples so perfect. Cabbage tree flowers were a surprise, I’ve always thought they were kind of ugly. Roses the colour of boysenberry, Oyster flowers, Cotton flowers and  speckled Aspidistra leaves.
I have desperately tried to capture feeling molten and golden and saved, but most of all I have poured my heart into welcoming all the light that often goes unseen, Enjoy.