Rory wears patterned velvet jacket, pant, black shirt and pocket square all from Barkers.

Rory wears check jacket, pocket square, brown knit top, Beige chino by Working Style and shoes by Merchant 1948. Elle wears asymmetric jumpsuit by Camilla & Marc with Zoe & Morgan ring, veiling net from Hera Couture, earrings by Anoushka Van Rijn Jewellery and heels by Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Elle wears kimono and bodysuit by Juliette Hogan with Anouska Van Rijn Jewellery earrings, Zoe & Morgan Ahana ring and Chaos & Harmony mule. Rory wears blazer, pocket square, and roll-neck jumper by WORLD Man with beige chino by Working Style, belt by Rembrandt and shoes by Merchant.

Elle wears red suit by Kate Sylvester, Anouska Van Rijn Jewellery earrings, Ahana ring by Zoe & Morgan and Chaos & Harmony shoes. Rory wears paradise shirt and trouser by Zambesi. Shoes are by Working Style.

Elle wears gown by Juliette Hogan Bridal gown with Ahana bracelet by Zoe & Morgan and embellished hair clip by Hera Couture.

Elle wears Miss Crabb Dreams Pop Rock dress in red, with earrings by Anouska Van Rijn Jewellery, bracelet by Natalie Chan, Ahana ring by Zoe & Morgan and Chaos & Harmony heels.

Elle wears Daisy Brides halter gown with Volcano earrings and Sunbeam ring by Zoe & Morgan.

Elle wears strapless gown by Jessica Bridal Couture with earrings by Hera Bridal Couture.

Rory wears blazer, shirt, pants, pocket square all from Rembrandt.

Rory wears WORLD Man patterned suit with bee shirt and merchant shoes. Elle wears halter top and wide leg pant by Rachel Mills with Anouska Van Rijn Jewellery earrings and Chaos & Harmony feather heels.

Elle wears lace gown by Natalie Chan with pearl earrings by Anouska Van Rijn Jewellery. Rory wears Barena ‘Salenga’ jacket in black, Made in Italy trouser in black, Vestirsi shirt, Drake’s Block scarf in navy, Alice Made This ‘Alvar’ lapel pin in rhodium, all from Crane Brothers.

Rory wears blazer, roll neck and pants all by Working Style. Elle wears True Romance blue slip by Miss Crabb and Zoe & Morgan gold large volcano necklace.

Photography—Simon & Sophia at Bayly & Moore | Styling—Sammy Salsa | Creative Direction—Greta Kenyon | Hair & Makeup—Mary Estelle using Blac Cosmetics Assistants—Georgette Pollock & Delena Nathuran | Flora—Kelly Karam at BLUSH | Location—Naumi Hotel