David is a photographer and I’m a model, amongst other things. We met at a shoot. I accidentally took a necklace home with me and contacted David to return it. We agreed to meet at a coffee shop the next week to exchange the necklace which turned into a five-hour meeting.

We spoke about so many things and realised we had a mutual love for adventure, people and art. Our relationship blossomed from there. After we’d been together for a while, we decided to travel to Iceland. We stopped in a magical field full of blue lupins framed by dramatic mountains to take photos. David decided this was the perfect spot to get down on one knee and ask me to be his adventure partner for life. Of course, I said yes, but in my excitement, I left my polaroid camera in the field. I hope someone found it and kept it! We wanted to do and make as many things for our wedding as we could, with help from friends and family. We decided to hold our wedding on the North Shore, where David and I first knew we loved each other, and not to have traditional elements, like a bridal party or a large procession. Our style was to keep it personal, intimate and inexpensive. Everything was done at the campground over an entire weekend, and many of our friends and family camped with us at the site. The most important thing was that everything was extended over several days — the ceremony one day, the celebration on the next. This way, we were able to savour our time together so much more. Our most vivid and romantic memories include getting crashed into by Lake Superior’s huge waves; huddling inside our tent — which was slowly filling with water — and our dinner alone at New Scenic Cafe after the ceremony; the crazy giant Ukrainian dance circle that formed at the ceremony and all the amazing music that was played. And especially the morning light in our tent when we first woke up as newlyweds. Being married is a bond between two people of commitment and love. The ceremony and celebration are not just for you, but also for all the people that love you to share in and be a part of as well. Married life is beautiful. You lift each other up, you encourage each other, and you help each other. It is the ultimate partnership for life.


Photography—Josh Olson | Bride’s dress—Linyage | Groom’s attire—Atmosfere  | Crown and earrings—A.B. Ellie  | Ceremony location—Birch Ridge campsite, Gooseberry Falls State Park | Groom’s tie—Bought in a thrift shop |Bride’s fur coat—Bought in a thrift shop |Flora—Bride’s mother, Audrey Schmitt | Hair & makeup—Flannery Murphy   | Celebrant—Jenessa Andrea   | Styling—The bride | Entertainment—Friend’s jazz band; another friend’s band, Gentil, and Groom’s mother, who is a musician. | Reception venue—Lakeshore Lodge, Gooseberry Falls State Park |Rings—Staghead Designs  |Catering—Dustin Thompson and Rhett Roberts at Brewer’s Table  | Maple, fig, cream cheese and spiced pecan layered cake – Made by the Bride | Special song—‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ sung by Jenessa Andrea | Gift registry honeymoon fund— Zola 

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