We first met at a work meeting. We exchanged names and Roger added me on Facebook, so luckily we had a connection, albeit a small one at that stage. We met again through a mutual friend, and Roger had a feeling that we were meant to be together.

But I had a boyfriend at the time and didn’t feel the same way. After a year and a half of pursuing me, and even though I had a boyfriend, Roger asked me to meet him in the town square, but I never showed up, so he finally gave up. Then, as fate would have it, we met again, only this time Roger had a serious girlfriend, so nothing romantic happened. But there was still a feeling there. Four years after we first met, we realised we were destined for each other. Roger broke it off with his girlfriend and finally we were a couple. We both knew it was meant to be. When we decided to marry, we asked ourselves why, and what was most important to us. We agreed that we wanted it to be a celebration and a way of giving thanks to our friends and family, because so many of them had done something, directly or indirectly, that had given us the chance to be together. We also knew we wanted to celebrate in a simple location in nature, somewhere unique, where there had not been a wedding before. We really wanted to treat our guests and celebrate generosity and simplicity. On the day, entering the church was especially emotional. We were married by Roger’s family priest, and we both felt that this was the special moment when everything started — the beginning of our official union. Then, as we made our entrance at our lunch, there was loud music and all our friends were so happy and excited. If we have any advice for those about to get married, it’s to enjoy every moment of the day, because it happens so fast. And don’t worry if something goes wrong. Don’t let it put a shadow on your day. Always remember, it’s a party and a celebration.



Photography: Pablo Beglez– Bride’s dress: Immacle– Groom’s attire: Sala Barcelona–  Ceremony Location: Pineda de Mar, Barcelona- Reception Location- El Moli de Caramany, Girona– Celebrant: Mn Climent Forner- Styling, flora and wedding planning: Le Puta Suegra– Hair pieces: Martina Dorta– Hair: Lola Perruquers– Make-Up: Sonia Fontseca & Valentina Reig– Band: Wasa Corporation– DJ: Jordi Dutch– Catering: Les Magnolies– Rings: Aina Joies– Lingerie and underwear: Promise and Intimissimi– Cake: Pinata Cake by Mariona Mas