Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love, what is unique about you and your relationship…
I love everything about our love. We are meant to be, plain and simple.


What do you love most about each other? Groom – Jess’ adventurous nature and spirit
Bride – Nathan’s morality, loyalty and ability to see good in every person he meets

Tell us about your special day…

Our day was perfectly us in every single way.

In the morning, I woke deliberately early, needing time on my own, as I do every day. I walked across the river and up to Brown Mountain, where we would later come for photos. There I enjoyed the peace and finally visualised what was about to take place.From there, we girls went to breakfast where we shared laughs, champagne and predictions about the day ahead.The ceremony was perfect. Our vows were self-written as well as short and sweet. Nath was incredibly emotional and I was just so excited to be his wife, to be marrying my true love.   How did you choose the location?
The location most definitely chose us. Nathan and I only had two prerequisites for our wedding. He wanted a band, and I wanted stars and a dance floor under them The tree out the front was what really got us over the line. It was planted over 100 years ago, with its solid foundations and towering strength, seemed to really represent what we are hoping to achieve in our marriage.

Tell us about your main outfits, what was unique…..
We got engaged and were married in less than four months, so we had to be somewhat hasty in choosing our outfits. I didn’t know what I wanted, just that I wanted it to be simple and not overly bridal. I actually chose my dress during the Boxing Day sales when I tried on a Zimmerman dress on from the sale rack. It was the first dress I tried on and was one of there few white dresses and it wasn’t what I thought I would try on but, it, like our rings and Nathan’s suit, seemed to draw me in and once I tried it, I knew, with a few alterations, it would be the one. My very talented friend, Amelia Agosta, is a designer and incredible dress maker. She re-lined it, shortened it, narrowed the neckline and modified the back. The result was utterly beautiful!

We didn’t want a traditional bridal party either, so it was easy to say to our guys and girls we’d love them to wear whatever they wanted. It worked well on the day because their outfits were so them. We loved that no one had to pay heaps of money for an outfit they may not wear again!!

Any advice for other couples planning to spend the rest of their lives together?
Grow a life together. Set goals and make conscious decisions to prioritise your love and those goals over all others. 

What does being married or being in a union mean to you? And what is married life like so far? 
Married life is wonderful. Our day to day activities aren’t overly different but the bond we share is. There is definitely a sense of connection and being united. I feel I belong to him and he to me. We feel strong and empowered to tackIe life. We love it! 

Later in the evening, while guests danced barefoot under the stars (my only request!) We danced endlessly, people met and connected, they wrapped themselves in blankets and had a ball.

The day, the night, the mood – it was all divine and nothing short of perfectly us.

The night ended at about 3am, the luxury of having your wedding at your own venue! Nathan and I were the last people up. We sat by the last remaining fire and looked around us at the evidence of a night well done, taking it all in, hearts completely full and grateful. It was a day we will never forget. 

Without a doubt, the most wonderful thing about it was how much we could share everything with everyone. The people we loved and cared about the most were all there and all involved. The saying, “It takes a village” felt so appropriate. It felt as though every one of our friends and family was a part of our day and our marriage felt so truly blessed.

Ceremony location: Parents home | Photographer: Peggy Saas |Flora: Kisschasey Wedding Flowers | Food/beverages/catering: Porta Pizza  | Bride – Zimmerman, modified by Amelia Agosta  | Groom – T.M.Lewin  | Makeup: Pretty Parlour
|Hair: The Pretty Parlour


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