We met at a bar called The Swan in Melbourne. We had mutual friends there, and we gravitated towards each other. It was like it was only the two of us there, laughing, flirting, talking about our live

I didn’t even realise my friends had left at the end of the night. We were completely engrossed in each other. Our love has remained as connected and powerful as it was the first night we met. I can’t imagine a life where Sara’s is not the face I wake up to. Sara proposed two years later at our home in Melbourne. Her dad, brother and sister in law had flown over to help set up, and my parents were in on it too. I arrived home from a trick shopping trip to a letter that read: “Hopefully by now, you are standing outside our door alone. Take a breath, take your time and don’t worry about the plans you thought we had. It’s all organised. From the moment I met you, I have imagined big and wondrous things for us. My hopes have always been high. Right from those very first seconds, my mind has run wild, captivated by the possibility of sharing a life with you. You have changed my life in ways that are completely unexplainable. It is a privilege to share my days with you, and I am conscious of this daily. Come inside; it’s all for you. Everything will always be all for you.” Our wedding was the best day we have ever had. Cossars wine shed is spectacular. We decided to walk down separate vines with our fathers and meet in a clearing. I ordered my dress online from Grace Loves Lace without trying on a single other dress, and it was perfect. Mel also fell in love with the first dress she tried on and I couldn’t imagine her in anything else. Our best friend officiated. She studied and qualified especially for our day. Our first dance was the most fun we had that day. We had choreographed a dance, and I surprised Mel with a tambourine to use, and handed out extras. It was amazing having people singing along and banging their tambourines while we danced. Mel’s right leg was covered in bruises the next day! Although the marriage equality conversation has been around for a while, it had a huge and profound impact on our relationship. We were planning our wedding at a time when it was not legal for us to marry in Australia, and it was difficult having to justify our love repeatedly. We are lucky to have a very connected and unconditionally loving family, and friends who never faltered in their support for us. If you surround yourself with positive, progressive, and caring people, the negative noise is quietened.

Photography: Charlotte Sowman   Mel’s dress: The Frankie gown by Made with Love Bridal   Sara’s dress: The Nia gown by Grace Loves Lace   Flora: Febella Flowers  Rings: Mel’s engagament ring by Cushla Whiting, Sara’s engagement ring & wedding bands by Windfall Jewellery   Makeup: Angela Robyn Makeup   Hair: Sister in law, Jess Clapham & Jem Smalley Hair   Styling: Betty & Co  Celebrant: Best friend,Rachel Laws   Shoes: K-Mart   Venue: Cossars Wineshed, Tai Tapu   Special songs: ‘Ho Hey’ by The Lumineers & ‘Forever Falling’ by Mia Wray   Entertainment: Acoustic music by Mia Wray    Accommodation: Red Barns   Dessert: The Little Cake Co cake & doughnut wall constructed by bride’s father, styled by Betty & Co    Catering: Moveable Feasts


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