Steve plays in the Australian pop band Wa Wa Nee, which had numerous Top 10 hits in the 1980s, and is a classically trained guitarist. Vanessa is a Design Director working in fashion and passionate about all areas of art, architecture, design and interiors.

We first met in 1988, on April 1st, when Steve was in Melbourne on tour with his band and Vanessa was working as a model. We started a romance that lasted about 18 months, but due to living in different cities, constant touring for Steve and both having busy careers, the romance sadly ran its course. Fast forward to 2015 and the wonderful world of social media. Within moments of reconnecting through Facebook, we had told one another how we had both felt 28 years ago, and decided to meet a week later in Adelaide. From the second we met at the airport, we both knew the magic was still there. It was like finally coming home. The proposal, three weeks later, was at The Mayfair Hotel in Adelaide. We are both mad, passionate, wild romantics and we didn’t want to waste a minute of our time. We wanted to make up for all the years we had lost being apart. Our relationship is more like a phenomenon, and neither of us knew what was happening until someone who saw a photo of us together introduced us to the concept of twin flames: a rare meeting of two souls that have split and rejoined, a mirror of each other that, once reunited, will be joined for eternity. Once we started to read about twin flames, we were astounded, as it described what we have perfectly and explained the powerful feelings, intense telepathy and synchronicity we had been experiencing. Steve—I love everything about Vanessa. A massive personality, matched by her intellect. A more stunning girl I have never seen. The most beautiful face and eyes of an angel, a generous spirit and amazing creativity. Hilarious doesn’t even begin to describe her wit. I love her so much, words cannot describe. Vanessa—Steve is the eternal boy. Funny, mischievous and naughty. He keeps me constantly entertained. With Steve, every day is a sheer joy. He has an inner sparkle that lights every waking moment with him. He is loving, caring and affectionate and so open with his feelings. I never tire of looking at his cute, handsome, elfin face and from the early days, I have always loved the sound of his voice. Being married means completing our unfinished love story. It means we will never be apart again. It means being together while on this earth and helping and supporting each other every day in all that we do. It means seeing out our lives together and facing the end with your other spiritual half.

Photography, It’s Beautiful Here | Groom’s jacket, shirt and tie, Calibre | Groom’s pants, vest and boots, Jack London | Bride’s dress, Marchesa at Saks NY | Bride’s veil, Wedding Veils Bride’s head piece, Lelet NY Earrings and cocktail ring, Oscar De La Renta Celebrant, Monique Duggan | Special song, ‘My Love’ by Paul McCartney and Wing | Bride’s shoes, Miu Miu at Saks | Flora, Flowers Vassette | Groom’s hair, Salona | Cars, RSV Limousines and Triple R Luxury Car Hire | Location, Labassa National Trust Mansion, North Caulfield | Cake, Regnier Cakes with cake topper by Better off Wed , | Cutlery, crockery, chairs, verandah bar, Place Settings Catering, Resauce | Handmade chocolates, The Dessert Parlour | Vintage carpets, The Prop Store | Vintage furniture, One Big Day | Menus, Peach Perfect

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