Kings & Thieves
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Kings & Thieves

What’s good. We are Benjamin & Carisse, elopement & wedding photographers based in the Mighty Blue Mountains and travelling abroad. We already love you, and I know this is a match made in heaven (or hell, because inclusion).

We want you to have the best damned wedding photos this lifetime has to offer. So we dig deep when we prepare for your day, soaking in inspiration, so that we’re primed and ready for all that your day has to throw out into existence. We’re certainly not ones to simply rock up on the day and just hope for the best. You’re worth more than that.

We want to shoot your day for who you are, who you want to be, who you’re with, what you believe in, your hopes and dreams, where you’ve been, where you’re headed, all of it. You are an amazing individual, filled to the brim with purpose and meaning.

We strongly support marriage equality, gender equality, veganism / plant-based living, emotion over stuff, and love in all forms.

We’re so amped you’re here right now.