Introducing Wheels of Light by Zoe & Morgan. Another wonderfully magical collection of the most beautiful jewels created with so much thought, love and feeling by the three talented siblings (Zoe, Ruth & Morgan) behind this iconic brand. In true Zoe & Morgan style we were invited not only to see the latest treasures but to experience a little bit of their world alongside. A community of lovely like minded souls from within world of fashion and media took part in a meditative form of yoga relaxation at Studio Red, leaving all involved feeling restored, a little lighter and in a delightfully calm and relaxed state of mind to truly enjoy the beauty of the Wheels of Light collection. Below we show you some of our favourite pieces from the collection which is officially released on March 1st…

Words from Zoe & Morgan:

In this collection we looked to the enlightening power of symbols.

Jewellery often transcends beauty, it carries with it stories of places and people. We kept this in mind with the creation of Wheels of Light, to design a collection that had a meaning that can be unique to any individual. Named after the ancient Sanskrit word ‘Chakra’, which describes the wheels of energy that move within us, it is essentially our life force that ignites us all. From Crown to Base, we have made necklaces and rings to align with these 7 energies. We also drew upon our own love of symbols and traditional jewellery making techniques to create new hand-carved snake pieces. As symbols of protection, these detailed pieces capture serpentine movement to curve beautifully around the wearer. This collection is designed to be dynamic, in both meaning and in the ways it is worn. Each piece sits differently together and can be layered in many ways, with other Zoe & Morgan jewellery or alongside your own personal collection of treasures.


To purchase or to see more of The Wheels of Light collection visit the Zoe & Morgan website from March 1st.